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Product Brew are a boutique team of top developers ready to make an impact. Think of us like an extention of your business.


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Our Belief System

At Product Brew, we know that success only begins once everyone is in the room. That’s why we’re huge advocates and supporters of women working in the technology industry.

To begin to see real change, you have to be the change. So we pledge to always support women, POC, and those in the LGBT+ community who are looking for a way into the technology industry. Our space is your space.

Meet the experts in the house


Matt Zatorski

Co-Founder / Software Engineer


Luke Czyszczonik

Co-Founder / Software Engineer

Aneta Giza

Head of People and Culture


Patryk Zatorski

Software Engineer

Konrad Stasiuk

Software Engineer

Our Friends & Collaborators


Ella Jackson

Strategy & Copywriting


Betty Steinbrecher

Product Design / Branding

Careers at Product Brew

Do you want to join a fast-moving team where you can bring your true self to work?

It’s our goal to create a workplace that’s as diverse and authentic as the cities we serve.

Join us.

We are always looking for talent, so whether we have roles open or not, apply anyway!

You + our skills = ❤