We helped Draftbit make app-building accessible

Draftbit is a web-based platform that makes mobile app-building accessible to all - even people with no coding experience


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Case study

App-building used to be costly - in time and money

Until Draftbit, app-building used to require a whole team of developers. It meant bringing together experts from each customer experience, only to have to quit and start again as soon as the project needed different software.

Working with Product Brew has been a wonderful experience. Not only are they talented engineers, but they help us think through how our tech will affect our users and business.

Peter Piekarczyk

Co-Founder at Draftbit

We enabled Draftbit to rewrite the formula

We jumped in with our Notion boards to help them visualise the problem - then prioritise and decide what to fix. By creating the brief together, we freed up the founders' time and sped up execution from concept to live product.

Taking full engineering weight from start to finish

Starting off on the front-end

We kicked off the cooperation by helping to write their programming language ReScript on the frontend side.

We moved over to code generation

Next, we began integrating a code generator, which creates ready-to-use code as users build with blocks visually. (FYI - this is now a core part of their USP)

Discovered back-end bugs

We discovered some problems on the server-side, so we helped with generating code

Then took control of the entire back-end server site

We took care of the nuts and bolts to make sure that the entire system runs smoothly - from front-end to back. Migrating non-typed JavaScript GraphQL server to fully typed GraphQL server with the use of nexus js - and migrating a non-typed database to fully types database using TypeORM from JS to fully typed server code.

Meet the new Draftbit

Straight after, the same engineer who built the prototype led the team mobile training.

  • πŸ‘‰ Ultra-smooth UX - rapidly improved app performance

  • πŸ‘‰ Ultra-smooth DX - cleaner code - devs work faster and build faster

  • πŸŽ‰ Never again does a dev team need to start from scratch

  • πŸŽ‰ Designers and idea generators can jump in and start playing with their concept with no experience needed

You + our skills = ❀