We upskilled LiveChat engineers to build fully functioning mobile apps in React Native

LiveChat is an integrated customer support platform that balances AI automation with the human touch


Web - mobile - training

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Case study

LiveChat had a team of highly skilled web developers - but they lacked mobile know-how

LiveChat's internal mobile app was first built by contractors. With no mobile devs in the team, every time they found a bug or wanted to develop new features, they had to re-hire contractors.

We suggested that they switch their mobile apps to React Native - a tool that uses JavaScript. Since all Live Chat devs are fluent in JavaScript, they could hit the ground running and take the reins on mobile apps.

The training was very successful. Engineers from Product Brew introduced the React Native concept to our expert React developers without prior mobile experience. The quality and material selection were so precise that we developed a working chat application in-house a few weeks after the workshop.

Łukasz Wojciechowski

Tech Lead at LiveChat

We gave them a one-week training in React Native and GraphQL

Learning how to use GraphQL Server to create a layer on top of legacy API.


  • real-time communication using GraphQL subscriptions

  • integrating with legacy and external services

  • using react native with GraphQL

  • offline support

They were tested

To test whether it was worth investing in a mobile team, LiveChat sent an engineer to our workshop to build a prototype of their current mobile app in React Native over one month

And it was worth it

One month later, that LiveChat engineer rewrote the core of the old app with React Native. After seeing a demo, LiveChat's CEO said “this app is way faster and smoother than what we have”

Meet the new 8-strong LiveChat mobile team

Straight after, the same engineer who built the prototype led the team mobile training.

  • ✊ 8 LiveChat devs, cross-trained through to success.

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