We cut above Silicon Valley engineers to make Stoovo an essential tool for 30,000 independent workers across the US

Stoovo is a mobile app that helps gig workers plan shifts and increase income


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Case study

Stoovo needed to get set for growth

Stoovo were already experiencing fast success - but they needed a more robust system to face a bigger audience. Our work focused on turning Stoovo's MVP mobile app into a production-ready app that could cope with the huge growth in traffic.

The Product Brew Formula

MVPs usually get thrown out the door when it comes to product execution time, but we created a fully-functioning MVP with a detailed backend that was ready to build on.

  • 1. Refactoring the codebase

  • 2. Developing fast features for quick feedback loops

  • 3. Adding a new UI with a design language system so developers can quickly jump in

  • 4. Automating the production and staging mobile app deployment process to speed up feedback loops

Our philosophy: keep shipping

Applying our approach of continuous testing and validating, we made some core integrations that soon became users' best-loved features.

  • 👉 Insights to help users navigate any chosen area and quickly pinpoint the most lucrative places and times to work

  • 👉 Reports to help users track how much they earn from different platforms without having to switch from app to app

  • 👉 Connecting backend solutions for multiple systems: AI, payments, and data partners such as Uber, Lyft, and Doordash

Meet the new Stoovo

I worked with many engineers at Google and other Tech giants in Silicon valley; the ProductBrew team broke the stereotypes that only Silicon Valley has top engineers. In some cases, they were more performant and productive than engineers I worked with in the Bay Area.

Hantz Fevry

CEO & Co-Founder at Stoovo

Straight after, the same engineer who built the prototype led the team mobile training.

  • ✊Publicly available

  • ✊Super-strong, set for growth

  • ✊Awesome new features

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